Hayyankids Has a New Face!

Bismillah, presenting you Hayyankids new face!

Hayyan is adapted from the word Hayah, an Arabic term which means ‘goodly’ as illustrated in the Quranic term ‘syajarahtul hayah’ or ‘the goodly tree’.  The goodly tree is an allegory used by Allah in the Qur’an to describe the admirable qualities of the person of faith.

It is our hope that Hayyankids can contribute to building substantial foundations for many ‘goodly trees’, or children, who have a sound understanding of the Deen through the services and products that we provide.

Hayyankids believes that all children can be strongholds of the Deen, regardless of their personalities and abilities. The many sizes and colours of the six trees in our new logo attest to the differences that exist across children as intended by Allah SWT.

Yet, when children are grounded in the pillars of Islamic faith (symbolised by the six trees to represent the six pillars of iman), they will continue to grow and flourish into goodly trees, bringing benefit to the people around them and ultimately striving for success in this world and the Hereafter.