Lunar Learners Bundle

Lunar Learners Bundle

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Get the first three books in The Prophet Series by Lunar Learners.

Books Included:

Adam and God’s Creation
“Do you ever wonder how we all came to be?”

A wise old owl teaches a group of animals about the wonders of God’s creation, focusing on the beauty of equality, uniqueness, and cohesion. hayyankidssgGet engrossed among the animals and you too can learn about creation.

The Adventures of Nuh’s Ark
As all the animals rush to join Nuh on his ark, a pair of koalas, confused among all the commotion, try to decipher what is going on. Come join the animals in discovering why Nuh is building an ark in this fun rendition of the classic tale of Nuh’s Ark.

Ibrahim the Builder
More construction in Mecca? Take a front-row seat and join the animals as they watch to see what Ibrahim is building. Along with the animals, you too can discover the importance of the Ka’bah and its significance to Muslims.

Publisher: Lunar Learners
Author: Khadijah Khaki

Description: Hard Cover
Size: 21 cm by 26 cm